It's my birthday and all I want is...

December 13, 2018

It's my birthday and all I want is...

Today's my birthday, and I want nothing more than a Wonderful World. 

A Wonderful World, filled with colors in the sky, smiles and laughter, love and happiness, humans reconnecting physically and emotionally with one another, and a world where we slow down a little, for our sake, our children's sake and our beloved planet we call home. 

Let's be simple, let's be beautiful, let's be love!

Let's take the time to stare into each other's eyes and see what's there. Let's sit and play, dance and sing with our little ones. Let's stop the clock and admire all the simple, yet beautiful things nature has to offer us. Let's just be! 

Call me naive, but I really think, that if we work together, we can make it happen. WE, together, can make the world a more beautiful place, whether it's one picture at a time, one word, one hug, one smile, one song, one handshake at a time. 

I stumbled upon this version of Louis Armstrong's famous song What a Wonderful World and I fell in love: kids, music and our planet. 

Let's be naive together, let's make it happen! Let's make the world a Wonderful World! 


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