So who's the founder?

October 11, 2018

So who's the founder?

 So we thought you might be curious to find out who's the person behind all of this, right? What better way than to give you a peek into our world and present the head, heart, and soul behind the idea, pictures, and products.

So hey guys, it's me!

When I was born, my parents named me Xuana (which you can pronounce “Shuana”) and I'm Julius Ceasar's grand-daughter (ok, so I think I miiiight be of his lineage!) cause my last name is Cesar. Of Portuguese descendants, I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and became a photographer at the age of nine (ok, I didn’t know it right then!). 

Regardless of my enriching experience working in the marketing and website industries in my mid-twenties, a great sense of emptiness remained inside of me, and that's when I chose to go back to school and follow my heart into the world of photography. Like all rides should be, this one was filled with great moments and challenges we all can face as artists and entrepreneurs (if your ride has been a smooth one, please share your tricks, I'd love to hear!)

I can say I've been a “real” photographer, commercial and lifestyle for over 7 years now. (Who doesn't LOVE that “official” title, right?) 

Beyond being a business owner, I'm a devoted momtrepreneur of two young boys that love to tag along with me whenever they are allowed to. Oh, can a camera be so attractive with all those sounds and those buttons! “Me too Mommy! It’s my turn!” (have you ever tried to share your camera with your kids while trying to get THAT shot?! I've mastered that one!). And look closely, notice how they love to play in my hair while I've got a camera in hand. So distracting and so CUTEEEE!

I travel the world to find the perfect light, emotion, color, moment, story to share with the humans of the world. Always on the lookout for the next great Vision Board, I never leave home without my baby, my camera (Oh! And the family!).

What else can I share? I'm a sucker for the ocean and sunsets, I love my flip flops and a warm breeze and would love to ride a wave like real surfers do (and yet I live in a country where it’s cold and snowy almost 6 months a year! Go figure!). I love flying trapeze and wanted to join Cirque du Soleil back in the days. Now I'm a wannabe yogi that's been practicing the art of meditation and self-care for a year and a half now and I really love the discipline. 

Join me on making my dream a reality by reconnecting the world, one picture at a time. Be part of the journey! Be the movement! Be the change!