Why trees?

November 20, 2018

Why trees?

You might be wondering why, for every product purchased, Tantum Bella donates to an organization that plants a tree. 

It's no secret that our planet has seen better days. Increasing amounts of wildfires, hurricanes, floods, deforestations, oceans filled with plastic...and let's be real, they aren't all purely natural disasters. 

As a lover of nature and wildlife, it breaks my heart to see those orangoutangs lying in the middle of a muddy path because we had Nutella for breakfast and we needed to take down their homes to produce it (ever heard of palm tree oil?).

And have you seen that video on Facebook of a man trying to extract a plastic straw from a sea turtle's nose? I couldn't get my eyes off the screen. My heart bled the whole way through, just like that turtle's nostril. 

When I stumbled upon One Tree Planted, I loved that they planted trees not only in one area but across the world. I loved that they describe how our contribution is used and spread and what are the steps to planting a tree. Everything is clear and they are easy to talk to. 

Even if we use FSC certified paper and kraft paper packaging, we wanted to take it one step further. We use trees, we plant trees. Trees act as important pillars for our planet and One Tree Planted explains them quite well. https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/why-trees 

If we all act together, if we all take at least one action a day and change our habits, then we are one step closer to making our planet and our home a better place. 

Oh! And we are searching for an organization to clean our oceans. Please share your favorite ones and we'll check them out! :)